Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration Friday- Brooklyn Botanical Garden (and an art journal page)


This week has run right past me laughing!
I barely had time to notice all the beautiful things so I could share them with you here.

Last night I was trolling Pinterest again.
I'm trying to figure out how to organize my boards since I have so many.
How do you pin?
How do you categorize it?

Here is a very quick page I came up with on the theme "summer heat/ summer sun"
Can you tell I'm SO over this lingering winter weather?
Don't ask my why I combined Tattered Angels "Frozen Lake" with Cosmo Crickets Twenty Three
collection paper and grey water color paper- it just "felt" right.
 The stencil set is from Michael's- 5 bucks and AWESOME!
I also scored on metallic Faber-Castell gelatos at TJ Maxx.
5 dollars for mixed media packs that included water color pencils and PITT pens.
We also visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden which I put on my "flower watch" every year.
This year the trees have budded but none have flowered,
It will be a few more weeks before I get good Sakura photos.

I did take a couple of shots:
The Magnolias are still budding but the Chinese Camellia tree is in full bloom.
Many of our favorite trees have survived Hurricane Sandy. 
Tiny pine cones from the Japanese Pavilion.
Japanese Pavilion, Brooklyn Botanical Garden
First "winter" type shot I've ever taken.
I think I'm going to swing by and get a snow shot next year. 
Bonsai. It's amazing this tree is alive and thriving on a plate.
SO inspiring!
Sorry I cut the top off. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. love your page! love how colorful and messy it is! perfect!

  2. Love the colors cool bight & airy. To me that is the perfect summer.

  3. Love the glimpse into spring on your page

  4. Such pretty colors. I am really wanting to go to my TJ Maxx to check out those sets now. If they even have them. Going to TJ Maxx is really quite dangerous, especially for this starving artist. But 5 bucks! The Pitt pen alone is worth $3! Nice score my friend, nice score.

    1. I rely think you should visit multiple stores Jenni! I only bought these guys- clothes are nothing compared to these! :)

  5. Loving the direction your pages are taking!! The colorful elements are the perfect touch!!!! Don't you just love those stencils??? Picked some up last month and love the effect ....and how easy they are to clean up!!!! lol I think I might need to troll over to TJ or Marshalls today...thanks for the heads up!!!!

    1. You're welcome Dara! I've tried them and am properly intimidated now but at that price I figure I could screw up many times with no over spending guilt. :)

  6. I'm soooo loving your pictures on your layout. How cool is that filmstrip and small pictures? Love the misting, that color is gorgeous!I love the picture of your daughter looking @ the tree! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy crafting.

  7. Awesome page, as always :) And - you take the most amazing Instagram shots! They are all just gorgeous.

  8. Wow.....this whole post, is so interesting. I love your project of course, the vibrancy, uniqueness, fun......and the photos, amazing. I love the pic of Lola and the tree....profound really. Love your blog, friend. :)


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