Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HOT TOPIC Wednesday! Scraplifting. Also? FUN SCRAPPY NEWS

Hello dear readers!
Thank you for swinging by today!
I'm going to give picture headings another try. This is my try at "hot topic"- the hearts are red.
Yeah I know.  I had to try!

Hot Topic will now be my wednesday post theme.

I love to talk and have opinions about everything.
Rather than shying away from this personality quirk (disorder) I have decided to embrace it.
Please feel free to tell me I'm fulla beans.
I like feisty people who tell it like it is.

This week I want to talk about (mini drum roll) scrap lifting.
"Hardly a hot topic!" You declare.
Well how about this- I think scraplifting is awesome.

Why Scraplifting ROCKS

  • All beginners start by imitating the work of other artists. Even Pablo Picasso. Even Rembrandt. If they can do it, so can you! Nothing separates one creative pursuit from another except intention. 
  • Scraplifting allows you to make pages you like from the word go.
  • Scraplifting teaches you about good design practices.
  • Scraplifting gives you a way to share with artists / crafters you admire. This last part is key.
I don't own a crafting business, sell classes or design products (YET- ha!) so my viewpoint might change when I have a financial stake on this issue.

But Not Always- Lifting isn't stealing
There's a difference between imitating an admired project and posting your version in your personal blog/gallery and selling someone else's technique, original pattern design or tutorial as your own.
I cry foul on that. 

What if someone copied a project of mine right down to the same paper and title and posted it with no credit?
Personally, I'd be glad someone noticed my work and I'd leave comments to encourage that person to keep going. 
Give people the benefit of the doubt! It's FREE- like politeness or smiling.

Maybe they forgot the source of inspiration. 
Maybe they have no clue that giving credit is a cool thing to do- that's not "common sense".
I didn't do it when I first started out!
But really- does it matter?

I posted this page a few weeks back but I'm putting it up again because it
was lifted by Mia of Mia's page is coming up next. 
You are FULL of ideas! Your brain = Mary Poppins' carpet bag!

I know I have MANY more original ideas in my brain pan.
"Copy cats" (ie: people of excellent taste) can catch up but they can never pull ahead- they have to wait for my next move after all.
But what if they DO pull ahead?
What if "they" get published? Get the DT spot I wanted?
Or spark up a rad new product deal with fill-in-the-blank scrap company?
Then they are doing something right!
Watch them and learn. They aren't merely copying.

Scraplifting gives you a way to share with artists / crafters you admire but haven't met yet.
Sharing is good.
Share the credit- give shout outs to people- even the "big" scrap personalities like to hear that their readers are paying attention.
Don't just say "Love this!" 
Tell them why or how it reminds you of a particular story you'd like to share.
Make the page and change things up a bit-
improvise and leave a link on their blog comments section.
Call them out on Twitter.
"Share" their links on Facebook.
Before long you'll have a mutual appreciation going.
And THAT is what scrapping "public" should be all about!

Mia's version uses her favorite colors- bright pink and soft blue.  I suspected she would like my page when I posted it because it looks a lot like HER work. Check out her blog My Creative Life.  See what's happening?
We feed off each other- this is a GOOD THING.
It's why scrapbooking and blogging about it works so well-
you grow as  crafter and you see how your work influences others.
Speaking of which, I have a couple of shout outs to share:

Special HIYA! and Thank You! to Ashley Oliver AKA Soaphousemama of PurpleMailbox.
Soapy has my back and I love her for that! 
Also? She's freaking amazing. Swing by her blog and check it out!

I also want to thank Margrethe Aas Johnsen of OneLifeDocumented
Margrethe's work over at got me to stop trying to imitate the Prima design team and start making original work.
If you want a lesson in disciplined and modern scrapbooking swing by her blog.

All the opportunities that have landed on my plate lately are due to friends who read this blog.
THAT'S why you leave love, give credit, stay positive and be true to you.
It comes back.
Times five.

DOH! Before I forget!!!    BREAKING NEWS!
I participated in this week's Paper Clipping Roundtable, a free scrapbook podcast available through iTunes.
I was FLABBERGASTED when I heard they wanted to talk to me.
Me? Random chick with a blog that isn't connected anywhere else?
Fellow guests Tracy Banks and Lain Ehmann blew my mind with their poise and great ideas.
Hosts Noell Hyman and husband Izzy are so genuine and funny! 
They made me feel welcome and valued- I talked like a mad woman as usual but they handled it.

Swing by and check that out- better yet- subscribe! 
It's free and it's fun to hear people talk about scrapping once a week.

MuChOs SmOoChEs- the paper kind!


  1. Love the way you write your blog! It's easy to read and very honest. And I need to say that I love the way you mix paint, paper bits and beautiful photos! I found your blog through PRT. I am ready to hear your episode. thanks for sharing!

  2. Squeeeee!!! Can't wait to listen to your Paperclipping episode!! So cool to see you flourishing, like a bloom unfolding in the sun. From your GDT spot at Cocoa Daisy, to the PRT interview, Gurrrrrrl, you are on your way!!! Keep up the hard work, honest and open 'tude--it's what made me fall in love with YOU, beyond your super-cool scrappy ways. :)

  3. Thanks Michelle for the shout out. Much appreciated, I don't mind @ all.

  4. If it wasn't for scraplifting I would be lost! It helps boost my mojo and gets the inspiration flowing. There are times I lift everything about a LO. Then maybe just the design. Sometimes the theme. Whatever or however you lift it's all good AS LONG as you give proper credit to the original artist.

  5. SOooooo.... I am loving these new themed and topical posts you are doing! And, this one totally rocks! You say it perfectly. The beauty of sharing online is exactly that! SHARING! Like a craft club for grown ups. Exchanging ideas and expounding upon them = awesome in my book! I loved hearing you on the PRT - it was such a fun episode!!! Oh, and thanks for the sweet shout out... right back atcha!!! :)

  6. Lifting is awesome. I do it all the time and try to give credit where credit is due! Thank you for this amazing post!

  7. You've got a way with words Michelle! I'm always so impressed with the ways you write about your subjects, with the way you express interesting've got a talent for it girl! Oh yes I agree, lifting/sharing where would any of us be without? Congrats on the interview was so cool to hear your voice!

  8. Love this post (and all your new series). I think you are so right. Sharing is sharing. Designs get copied. Give credit where credit is due. Your snow queen layout is totally scraplift worthy by the way, I would do it if I could find that stencil!

  9. Michelle, I have no idea how you ended up in my Reader but I am so glad you are there. I love your blog and this one was especially wonderful

  10. Excellent post! You have a way of writing that makes me want to read instead of just looking at the pictures, lol!! Keep it up!

  11. Зимняя и позитивная страничка)) Мне безумно нравится! И сочетание двух моих любимых цветов: серый и розовый! Очень красиво!

  12. you already know how I feel about scraplifting....I think if you don't want folks to "lift" the concepts or ideas or colors, don't post it for the whole world to see...all those disclaimers are just that...I personally feel like I would love for anybody to scraplift me! It would make my day!


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