Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scrap FX monochrome page and some truth

Now that my DT term with Scrap FX is coming to an end,
I find myself wondering what will I do next.

Design Teams are great for inspiration, networking and motivation.
They can also be stressful if you have an already packed schedule.

No matter how much I try,
between editing the text and struggling with my slow computer,
it usually takes 2 hours to post an article.
I can import a finished post from Word but loading photos takes up the rest of the time.
And linking all the products used on a project?
The most frustrating part of all.

I'm not complaining.
I signed on knowing exactly what the requirements for each team where.
My Scrap FX term has been the happiest and most positive team-work experience I've ever had.
But I am finally admitting a reality to myself.
Which you get to read. Yay?
This hobby takes the majority of my time. Not my "spare time".
Most of my time.
A night out on the town with a friend who was turning 40 last week required all kinds of schedule jumbling.
I was almost too tired to go when I finished all the negotiations!
I'm finally using all the Instax photos I took last year.
I hated that most were over exposed.
That white on white look is very "in" right now so I get to look like this was done on purpose.
I used Scrap FX arrows stencil and chipboard arrows on this piece.
Sorry no links- it takes too long to look them up!
My family has been sending out very clear signals that I'm not exactly present,
even though my body is in the room.

So I either develop crack scheduling skills (never my forte) or I keep the blogging, Facebooking, Pinning, Tweeting, Instagraming to 30 minutes a night. 

Because staying up till midnight 
or trying to make and shoot all my projects on sundays 
is really not sustainable anymore.

The good news for our crafty friendship is that I can see your work on Instagram or Facebook.
I can leave a comment without having to enter numbers to prove I'm not a robot. 
Just try to overlook my crazed spelling. 
I can spell. 
My fingers on the teeny iTouch screen cannot.

Enlarging this photo to "original size" keeps it clear.
Sizing it down to "medium" makes it fussy.
Blogger what's going on?
MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. Although we don't know each other we both adore Louise Nelson! She is one of my true inspirations and I have been fortunate not only to meet her in person but work oh a DT with her. I am commenting because I too feel the stress/strain/pull of what I should be doing with my passion. I however am at a different point in my life as I am an empty nester. I will say that you can not go back and get this time with your youngin'...bottom line! I am ending up one DT that I was on for 2-1/2 years...I had grown quite weary of designing for a manufacturer, giving it my all and not creating anything for me or to grow in my art. I'm so elated that it is over...I'm clicking my heels and looking at what I do in a different light. Just wanted to share & i feel your pain ;)

  2. I think you're trying to say that you'll lay from applying to new teams, at least for a little while? If that's the case, I'm sorry to hear it, but I get why. Your family needs you. Scrapbooking and crafting can wait. Remember that this is supposed to be fun!

    1. I'm definitely going to stay away from any "paid for with products" unless it's an opportunity for growth. The truth is that I don't create what i want when I'm on a DT- I create what I think others would like with products I may not choose for myself. For Scrap FX that was fine because I love a large majority of their designs and because they are very specific- chipboard and stencils. They were also wonderfully relaxed about deadlines and subjects. The same goes for A Flair For Buttons and True Xoxo Girls. If I find another team like that I will apply. But the era of applying to manufacturers to "get my name out there" is over for me. Thanks by the way- your blog is awesome and one of the ones I will go to first when I schedule my "blog time" this week. :)

  3. I hear ya loud and CLEAR Michelle. I really understand. My family doesn't even have to tell me, many times I am not present even though I'm physically there because I'm planning my next whatever...And I don't feel cool about that either. It's tough, you love the art the craft the creating but it is time consuming. Lot's of luck with it all my friend (I'm trying to work it out too).

  4. I LOVE your page with all the white space...FABULOUS!!!!!!! I understand you about your family, yes our hobby can disconnect us from world, but we need it...right?...lol!!hugs!!!

  5. I feel your pain Michelle! The fun creative time is over all too quickly and then I become a slave to Blogger, LOL. I've been inspired by your work more times than I can count and I really appreciate all the sacrifices you have made to share it!

  6. You know that I feel the same way! I'm finishing up a post that I intended to do last month about my "one little word" and experiencing the burn out! It isn't even close to articulated like yours but I share the same heart!

  7. I have to smile at your "some truth" title...since when did you only give us "some" . lol! Yes, Michelle, the juggling is VERY tough, and honestly, I don't know how young mothers do it. I can't stay up late or work in the middle of the night like some people. My kids are teenagers and I STILL don't have time for blogging etc....I'm always out at their sports and extracurricular events in the afternoons and evenings. every. single. day. I started scrapbooking with the kids' baby albums when my oldest was TEN. yep. TEN. So making your family a priority is obvious....but setting a little time aside for just YOU and your blogging etc. is also important. You will find the balance. I know you will. xo

  8. another fantastic page!!


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