Monday, January 21, 2013

December Daily Album- Hanging with Louise Nelson and talking crafts and art.

Hello happy people!

I got to meet my art/craft/scrap HERO.
Louise Nelson.
I can't EVEN begin to tell you how nervous I was.
First of all I made her wait at the station for EVER because I didn't plan an exact pick up location
Then I talked her ear off.
It's what I tend to do when I'm nervous.
I then walked her around with no visible aim.
Thankfully she sees things and was able to take photos and do a bit of shopping all the while listening to my ever present chatter.

It was great to meet a serious artist face to face.
I'm not gonna front.
Most scrappers have a problem with the word "artist'".
Their thoughts or words:
"Give me a break! IT'S JUST PAPER.
Your work isn't original, you are using other people's designs.
You do this for FUN. You do this for a HOBBY.
Calling it art is pretentious."

Blah blah Blah. Whatever.
The first step to making life truly yours is to take yourself and what you do SERIOUSLY.
Who set the rules for what is art?
Why should there be ules fro creativity and self expression?
As Sara Bareilles so aptly puts it:
Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?

Rule breakers have ALL THE FUN.
They get stuff done.
They sometimes fall off cliffs and get arms stuck in collapsed caves (I saw that movie!) but mostly they are happy.
They are living life on their terms.

For many reasons this concept of positive of self definition and vision is threatening to some people.
It's been my experience that the loudest negative voice is usually the unhappiest, the most fearful and the least productive.
So who are you going to be?
The troll deciding who is or isn't an artist/good person/fill in the blank?
Or the cool chick who travels the world, gets things done and kicks life's butt?
I know who I want to be!!!!
Thank you Louise for great conversation and some major food for thought.

Onto my December Daily Album:
 I found these OLD Making Memories polka dot circle stickers
while destashing! WOO HOO!
Took a risk with Heidy Swapp mists after watching Janna Werner's
Creative Jumpstart video. You should join- it's a GREAT series and it's FREE.
Made this page after watching Louise's Creative Jumpstart video then I got
her invite via email to have coffee and PINCHED MYSELF!!!!!!
OOPS! Skipped a page! WIll upload later.
Scrap FX chipboard with glitter embossing powder- LOVE!
My favorite Studio Calico Mask.
 I switched color halfway through my book. Because I can.
I really like Kraft and silver.
On December 16th I went to a Sandyhook Memorial at McCarren Park here in
Brooklyn and I really needed to reflectthis in my mini.
When my daughter asks why she has to go through metal detectors at school I will tell her.
It is reality, one she must comes to terms with now.
That very thought is a tragedy all on it's own.
As I near number 25 the pages are getting simpler.
Sorry for the fuzzy photos- something happens when Blogger compresses files
 I don't know how to fix it.
Another page inspired by a video I saw at Nat Kalbach's
Creative Jumpstart Summit- swing by and join!

I also want to wish President Obama the best of luck in his next 4 year term.
I voted for him twice because I believe in his vision and I stand by his plans for the next 4 years.

I will also keep Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first and foremost today. 
His words. 
His call to action. 
His passion for truth and fairness for all.
He represented the best of the American dream because he helped expand that dream.
I am but one.
A small ant in a giant world. 
Dr. King helped me realize I have purpose 
I am but one yet I have power 
I am but one yet I have dreams that deserve to be pursued and treated with respect and honor.

And sometimes I get to bask in the presence of greatness.
Life is good.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Love that you got to hang with Lou! So fun!
    I also love your DD...those simple few colors are fab!

  2. Well I'm totally insanely jealous (but in a good way I swear!) that you got to hang out with Louise Nelson!! And in the most nonchalant, hanging out way ever!!! Really friggin' AWESOME!! And I love how your DDs are coming along! You got re-inspired, started to apply the CJS stuff to it and Ka-POW...rockin' pages! Good stuff girlie!!

  3. You ARE an artist and I am on the butt-kickin' trail with you. Ka-Pow!

  4. That is so fun that you got to meet her!!!! I am in LOVE with your DD! You have such a way with your style and I just love ti!

  5. Girl, you've been busy! I absolutely LOVE your pages and how the red really pops on each one. So awesome that you got to meet your crafty hero...what a memory!

  6. Louise is wonderful isn't she!! Love spending time with her. Wish I got to spend time with you though!! How cool!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi :) MADE MY DAY :)

  7. Woohooooo! Louise Nelson!! AWESOMENESS! Loved scrolling (and scrolling) down your blog post this morning :) Fantastic DD pages...LOVING the grey red white combo. yum! And of course I agree wholeheartedly with your "what is an artist" monologue, ha ha.

  8. Great post, Michelle! Sounds like you had a fun day :)

  9. You're rockin' your book, mama!!! And I'm so happy for your play day with Louise. How fun?!??!! Thanks for the inspiration! xx


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