Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas gift tag love- A scrap FX design team post

Hi everyone!

I'm having SUCH a hard time creatively!
I haven't made anything in well over a week except for THIS:
Those clear acrylic beads are from Joanns and they rock my scrappy universe.
 The chipboard is from Scrap FX out of Australia.
A little bird tells me they are having a design team call soon!
I am very proud of it.
It's proof that I can make multiple mistakes,
mistakes UPON mistakes,
and still come out with a tolerably good looking Christmas tag.

I had this whole long Instagram post ready but deleted it.
Who wants to read about that?
Exactly- NO ONE.
Most people have decided to stay, including little old complaining me.
This is what I have decided:
I love IG.
I need IG to stay on top of scrap trends- it's the most immediate social media platform out there.

And if I want to get on ANY design teams I need to STAY on IG because that is the future of craft media and marketing.

So my compromise is that I will only post scrapbook related photos.
This is probably better in the long-run anyway.
Who wants to see each and every "cute" Lola shot I take?
Other than my Mom...
Who doesn't have Instagram.
I'll keep posting more family oriented images here.
Rockefeller Center.
There were a billion people here at this time- LUCKY SHOT!!!!
NYC street food. Roasted Chestnuts! SOOOOOO delicious!
Ferrara Chocolate and pastries at Central Park.
Off to see The Hobbit next- WHIRLWIND I tell you!
Chells out!!


  1. I'm so waiting for my mojo to return from vacation. I'm kinda getting worried that it might not come back at all....I think your tag looks great! Can't see the mistakes you're talking about. At least you made SOMETHING! Keep enjoying the holidays and if I don't get the chance beforehand...Merry Christmas!!

  2. Oh wow this is gorgeous! Stunning design!!!

  3. Gorgeous tag! And those chestnuts and cocoa look delish

  4. I'm glad you decided to stay on IG - I did so too. And I love that tag.... I know all about having a hard time being creative... ;)

  5. LOVE your tag!!! And, so super happy you are going to stay on IG, although I will miss seeing your cute one. But, I'm with you - I only post scrappy things....


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