Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 minute page tips- Optimizing your scrap time

Hello there scrappy buddies!
I want to share a post that went up on the Scrap FX blog last weekend.
I took time to really research this because I'm currently trying to "optimize" my scrapping.
"Optimize" is corporate speak for increasing productivity.
WHY bring corporate culture into my scrap la-la-land?
Because in this case "productivity" means FUN TIME while "waste" is time NOT spent scrapping.
For this page I used Graphic 45 ABC collection paper- loove that grungy graph print! I also finally used some of my doily stash- see what re-organizing can do? I had completely forgotten these were around!

30 minute page tips
1. Use items from the same brand and line. ”DUUUH!” you say rolling your eyes. Here's the thing- I tend to cherry pick collections. I also tend to buy in spurts so my stash is arranged by orders instead of by item or brand.  Solution? Store items from the same collections together instead of separating things into categories like stickers, alphabets and embellishments. It doesn't hurt to try to arrange things by color as well but don't spend all your time trying to ROYGBIV your stuff- THAT is called procrastination- see item #6.
2. Set up your tools in advance. You want to use your sewing machine but it’s sitting in a box in the closet. You'd use your heat embossing gun more but it's a pain to unfurl the cord and find an empty socket. Solution? Give your machines pride of place. Put your paper in storage, you’ll need it anyway. Just make sure it's all in one place. If you store paper in three different areas you’ll tend to ignore the stuff that’s hard to get to.
Scrap FX lace tag set in red and String of lights model #2012261 
3. RUTHLESSLY CULL YOUR COLLECTION! This is the hardest part for me. I want to “collect” certain brands but I have a tiny room I share with my daughter so either she finds something and “uses” it or I find it AFTER I bought it again. So get rid of that old paper! It’s JUST PAPER! Yes, I KNOW you paid X amount for it! But it’s just sitting there taking up valuable living space. Donate tools and paper to a school, shelter, hospital or daycare center. Trust me- someone else will cherish it as much as you did.
4. Develop a personal “style kit”. Notice what tools or materials you use most and keep them in a box next to your work space. Tend to use a lot of gesso or twine? Keep that in your box. Don’t include "consumable" items like paper or stickers. Try to limit the box to items you see in a lot of your work. Every few months go over the items in the box and cull those as well. That butterfly punch no longer making it’s way into your pages? Storage! Maybe next year you’ll love it again!
LOVE this Scrap FX Bauble E Merry Christmas model #2012254
5. DO NOT scrap by the rules. NOTHING kills mojo like forcing yourself to scrap a photo you aren't ready for. Scrap the photos you are inspired by first. If that means pausing the lil one's birthday 2 pager- don't bother with guilt- SKIP IT. I am scrapping Christmas 2010 now because now those photos have meaning. Before I focused on the "flaws" and berated myself for not getting a perfect family shot. Meaning changes with time. Moments that seem everyday to you now take on huge personal significance later. Give yourself the time to reflect and you will be rewarded with scrapbooks that are more than pretty. If you're worried that you'll forget your first feelings about a moment, keep a photo journal. It doesn't have to be fancy- a sticky note on the back of the photo will do.  
6. Procrastinating habits: identify yours and stamp them out. Do you have a procrastinating ritual? Is it going on social media websites for “inspiration”? Time yourself. Pinterest? 15 minutes! Twitter? 10 minutes! Facebook? DON'T GO IN AT ALL! Facebook is the black hole of digital life. 
So what do you think?
Anything missing from this list? 
Before I thought this photo was boring and badly lit.
 Now I look at it and miss my baby! 
Thanks for swinging by!


  1. Great time saving tips! I love your page. And that red numbers washi tape - I have that in my collection, and didn't even think of using it for Christmas! It's perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Great tips and that photo is too cute!!!

  3. I always got more done when I made up my own kits--especially back when I attended store and retreat crops (ah, those were the days). I've never been much of a collection shopper--more of a raw material girl, myself--and I do tend to create by color.

    But I'd take my photos, group them into themes/events, then slap down some papers, embellishments, etc. each in their own pile, and slip the whole thing into a page protector or envelope. When I had time to scrap I'd grab an envelope and within 30 minutes I'd have a completed page or 2! And at crops I was the queen: finished an entire 8x8 album of my 10-year high school reunion (3 days of events) in a weekend, plus took classes and participated in the other crop activities.

    Making 50 kits might take a few hours one night (and ever flat surface available!) but it was worth it in the long run!

  4. Beautiful layout, love the doilies. I am a very slow scrapper and need to figure out how to speed up the process too, I keep all the stuff I am loving right now on my desk at hand that makes it a little easier

  5. It's definitely possible to make a layout in 30 minutes and I love your tips on getting it done!

  6. Thanks for the tips. I can't believe you can scrap a page in under 30 min.

  7. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Wise words, and great tips! Especially drawn to #5, know #6 to be too true, and still sweating over the thought of #3, which probably means I oughtta start with that one!

  9. #s 2, 3, 4 and 5 already doing...but #1? I love ROYFBIV!! 80% of my paper is sorted ROYGBIV and then the rest is either in kits in my totes or sitting on my table waiting to be used :) Now I do have my embellishments sorted by themes with the exception of October Afternoon, Echo Park and My Minds EYe (those are grouped as manus).....and me being on Pinterest for 15 minutes ??? ROFLMAO!

    Another way to use stash is of course to SMASH* or to go to COunterfeit Kits and make up some kits like I'mm do tomorrow night for a crop...

    1. Kate you crack me up- thanks for keeping me honest. I love ROYGBIV too but it takes FOREVER- maybe getting family to help the initial organization is a good idea. As for making kits- that's always been my downfall- I stink at it. I try and try but get bored and leave the task unfinished. Any tips for getting started? And as for Pinterest- I really do limit my time there to 15 minutes a day- it's that or never create at all.

  10. It's so much fun reading your list of 30min LO tips. I've really got nothing to contribute as it's never taken that little time for me to make a page. in fact i'm just the opposite. being someone who scraps for the creative experience i tend to want to take as long as possible to complete a page LOL !

  11. love the strong, bold colours on your page. black, red and gold is so wonderfully classic for the holidays


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