Friday, October 12, 2012

This New York City Area Scrapbook crafter wants to capture your personal stories and memories

I recently realized that New York City may be in need of a creative and enterprising paper crafter/ scrapbooker to help capture and illustrate it's many weddings, birthdays and other special events.

I can help!

What I can do:
  • Help conceptualize and organize photos and memorabilia into a cohesive story.
  • Design modern and colorful scrapbooks, photo montages or shadow boxes that fit your personal style.
  • Create single pages or whole books to fit a specific need such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other special occasion.
  • Create paper based gifts or keepsakes that will be cherished by you and your family.

Why have I decided to offer my services?
When I talk about my hobby (obsession!) to others here in New York City, I hear that they would like to do the same but don't have the time or "the creativity" to do so. 

I believe everyone has the creativity and "the eye" to make their own scrapbooks or pages but even I must admit it's intimidating and overwhelming to get started. 

Then I realized I could blend my past experience as a photo editor and current paper crafts hobby to help you stage and preserve your personal stories.

It was literally my AHA! moment and it made me really happy and grateful, because it's joining two things I do well into one.

Some samples of my work:
Travel and Adventure
Family life and every day moments 
Sports and Entertainment
Engagements, Proms and Bar /Bat Mitzvahs 
Family portrait displays for home or office
Weddings and other special events
Fun cards for any occasion
Family or holiday themed mini photo books
Shadow boxes and birth announcements
Please feel free to contact me at
I'm ready to help and would love to make some real world scrappy friends to meet up with as well!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your work is so versatile! I love that you have so many different techniques and how brilliantly your art goes with the photographs. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  2. What a fab idea!!! And loved all your stuff that you showed. Hope it goes well :D

  3. Totally awesome! Rock it out, girl!!!

  4. Yes! Go for it Michelle! Wonderful idea!!

  5. Your work is beautiful! Wished we lived closer together. I would love to scrap with you!


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