Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrapliftin' FOOL!- A True Xoxo Girls Challenge

Ah the Scraplift.
That venerable tradition where you STEAL (OOPS! LIFT! I meant lift!) an admired scrapper's work and make it your own.
Some would say you should give credit where due.
Others reply "It's JUST PAPER AND GLUE!"
As usual, my opinion lies somewhere in the middle.

BEHOLD!!! The April True Xoxo Scraplift another team member design challenge!
I chose Kimmie Jaster's Pancakes page and used DCWV Snapshot for this.  My final scraplifted page didn't look like "me".  
I was so annoyed! I hit the side of the paper with my elbow by mistake and cue angel chorus- I had my page.
There are so many people working, so many sources for inspiration and so many similar themes, trends and pre-designed products, it's inevitable that eventually something you make takes after someone else's project you dug and stuffed away in your lizard hind brain.
And there it lay. Waiting to come out at some later point.

Kimmie's original page- sorry the photo is so small.
I know because it's happened to me.
I've never been accused of copying (OMG that sounds SO 4th grade!) but I've seen replicas of "my" pages in other people's galleries that were made BEFORE mine was and my question has always been:
Where the heck did I get that idea from anyway? I've never seen this page before.... have I?

If the page was made AFTER mine I think:
Am I REALLY so awesome that this random person would "steal" from me?
And my lizard hind brain answers:
 "YEZZZZZ! YEZZZZ!!!! Zat izzz yourzzzzz!

Because I always have another ace up my sleeve. No, it's not an actual ace!
It's a state of mind.
That comic book word bubble deserved it's own page!
You will ALWAYS have more ideas and there will ALWAYS be more opportunities.
There is a giant sky-wide PIE of creativity so vast that there is plenty to share.
So scrap lift away amigos!
If you mention me- awesome! I'll get over it if you don't.
Like this:

But not if you're a retailer.
If I saw one of my pages or photos on an advert I'd be hella PISSED.
(AC Moore recently grabbed some Easter projects they spotted on Pinterest, smashed them onto one of their sales flyers then tried to say it was ok because they were "just for inspiration")
Shame on you retailer! SHAME!
Don't you have a creative services department?
Pay those crafty folks!!! They deserve it!
LOVING the white lines on black Polaroid!!!
This month's True Xoxo challenge is too juicy to ignore.
There are so many fantastic designers on the team and the styles differ so greatly it would be a SHAME to pass this chance up.
So swing on by and have FUN!

OH! And before I forget! True Xoxo is also running a Blog Header design contest! It's a great way to showcase your work! After all, it's the first thing any visitor sees!
Swing by and check out the details!

Neon- it's SO COOL!!!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I love your layout - it's stunning! And LOL at the angel chorus - so funny! :D

  2. I commend you for your great attitude about sharing and inspiration! Your layout is adorable :)

  3. Of course, I LOVE your LO! As always! You have this amazing way of putting things around on the page. It always looks so effortless! AND, how have I not heard of this amazing DCWV paper - those cameras are TDF! I love reading your thoughts on scraplifting - perhaps the best summary of it and the best perspective of it EVER!

    1. Awww Soapy!! Thanks!!! And yes that DCWV paper is SCREAMING your name! There are 2 stacks- the crazy neon/comic book one and the more staid and pretty one with floral prints in the Insta frames. I NEVER pass up a cool DCWV stack! They make life so eeeeeeeasy! :)

  4. I'm loving your layered borders...especially with the neon's peaking out from them! Awesome page!

  5. What a fun page! Love all the layering and haphazard stitching!

  6. Fabulous use of color!! The page just pops out and screams HELLO!!!!

  7. <3 <3 <3 your layout! Love the paper tearing-- and I really like the polaroid photo frames (and how you did'nt just put pics direcntly in them!!). Fab!

  8. Awesome topic and layout! I just picked up some Amy Tan papers from her new collection and there is one with all hand drawn cameras. Dying to use this!

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with your post about crediting and work stealing. I couldn't have said it better! I only credit a layout or an artist if I had that layout on my computer screen and I kept referring back to it, or I could attribute the inspiration of my layout 100% to a source. And yes I see my layout on others' all the time before I publish them haha!

    1. I don't mind giving credit- I liberally credit all kinds of people for my pages- especially when they come too easily- I get really suspicious if something just POPS in my head- that's when I refer to my pinterest boards and I can usually spot the "original". The HUGE PIZZA PIE of creativity ethos has helped me with all kinds of scarcity issues- if I'm running around freaking out over other people's success I don't concentrate on mine and I have a harder time building relationships- both things you need to reach your goals and generally BE HAPPY. But I also deeply believe in sharing the credit- share share SHAAAARE. :) Thanks for swinging by!! I love seeing new faces!

  10. Luv ur layout!!! It's awesome :)

  11. love this layout, michelle! it's so much fun. i really love all the wonderful, colorful layers :)

  12. Oh, this is so cool, funky and beautiful! The frames, layers, and neon are every bit of this!

  13. This is wonderful in so many ways! I adore the colors and the cameras....sigh....every time I come here I leave adding things to my wish list!! I just made a header for my blog - so off to check out the challenge.

  14. I just love the way you put things...I'll read your stuff and think "yes, yes, I've totally felt that way" or "that's what I mean"!! Anywho, spot on about lifting too...the scrap world has become a lot can see the work of artists from all over the WORLD at your fingertips, it's virtually impossible to not have some of someone else's work creep into your head lying in wait for an "ah-ha, I just thought of something brilliant" moment when really I'm sure it could very well have been somebody else's idea first. The important thing is to TRY and give credit where credit is due. Happy Easter!


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