Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEVER wishy-washy for Japanese washi (TAPE)

Imagine my great sadness as I perused Japanese crafting sites and saw all the pretty patterned washi tape I could not have because it was from far far away and would require insane amounts of lucre to import.
Ah the agony.
The despair of unrequited material love!
BOO YAAAH! Green, turquoise and RED glorious RED grid tape!
Gauche Alchemy has got washi to satisfy even the most VORACIOUS tape appetite!
Some photos:
Look familiar? That's right! And it's TEN DOLLARS!!!!!
Numbers washi tape

Pink Combo Pack- look at that stripped one!! LOVE!

Red Combo Pack- my favorite!!!!

Yellow Combo Pack- this one wins the pleases everyone award- there is the
warning stripe for the Momma's of boys, the cute red dots for those who love candy
 and the NEON ONE for crazy folks like moi.
Now HAVE AT 'EM Crafty peeps!
Do not wait! A little birdy tells me they are selling so fast they are setting company records.
Don't miss out!
I have a post coming up on the Gauche blog showing THIS in full:
 That's Gauche Alchemy washi and punchinella!!!

Uses for washi- making this pattern on your latest project...
Laughing 2 year old not included.


  1. Those are great deals!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh why are you sharing this? LOL - now I want to shop!!

  3. I was so gonna use that play on words! lol Thankfully, I thought I'd better check out what you guys are writing before I post something! This is awesome News we get to share!

  4. Wow! Those are some great tapes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Aww, come on - why can't the 2 year old be included!!! LOL! J/P So I just dropped a boatload at Gauche!!!! YAY! Punchinella and tape is going to be up in here! I also dropped your name when I picked out the neon kit - had to make sure to get some hot pink punchinella too! Thanks for enabling!! I'm one happy tape obsessed lady right now!!

    1. Scarlett I CANNOT mess with you girl! I thought I had a washi fetish!!! :) So glad you got some punchinella- you are gonna ROCK IT OUT!

  6. LOVE me some washi tape! I want that Numbers set RIGHT NOW!!! Cutest pic of Lola there at the end--she is getting BIG! Looks so much older, they will be gratuitous "kid" shots before too long and not "baby" or "toddler" shots. :( and yet, :)

    1. Lisa you are TOO KIND!!! Love you to pieces! You are so right- I can' believe I'm calling my 2 and a half year old a "baby". 2 washi sets have already sold out- the price point is so incredibly competitive I can't believe it- I ordered some myself!

  7. Awesome tapes!!!! I can hardly do a LO without some bit of tape on there :)

  8. That looks amazing, Michelle. Can't wait to see!

    And thank you for the kind comment on my blog just now :)


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