Monday, March 5, 2012

Playing with photos! And a GAUCHE ALCHEMY DT CALL!

Perhaps you were expecting a Project Life Monday post?
OMG it's been 2 weeks! I'm SO overwhelmed with it right now!
I promise to have something ready this week!
I'm also low on new images so this weekend I got to work.
I took a walk and some photos.
Michelle K, whom I met through Instagram,
suggested the photo writing app- Phonto. I'm in looove!
Then I sat down and looked through all the photos and chose this one to share. (yay!)
Someone really doesn't like Valentine's Day....
Then I went online and looked at too many pin boards and found this website:
This was made using the website:
Then I answered emails, read Facebook updates and LoLed many times.
Then at 1am I got to work on my actual project.
Sneaky peek!
More to come on this neon inspired project!
It's 1am or NEVER because from 7am to around 9pm Miss THANG demands food, Daddy hugs, entertainment, food, juice, park, bubble bath and MORE Daddy hugs.
I do not get the spontaneous hugs.
Mostly because there are at least 4 Tom Cruise sofa jumping sessions I put an end to before brains meet wall.
It's a hard knock life. :)

But that is NOT what I wanted to talk about today!
Do you want a chance to sport THIS badge in your bloggity blog?

Then swing by Gauche Alchemy and get the full monty of becoming a blog writer, videographer or newsletter editor.
Gauche Alchemy is an awesome mixed media online store with monthly kits sure to inspire your work into funky new heights.
Are you wonky, irreverent, artsy and/or just plain coo coo for cocoa puffs?
Then you should consider working with us.
We're not the "cool" kids.
We're the weirdos sitting in the back with Santo Gold playing softly as we host staring contests and discuss how the meaning of life is 6.
But you KNEW that!
What are you waiting for? APPLY! APPLY!

What became of the 36 ounce box of Cheerios
Mom left on the kitchen table.
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Hey Michelle, thx for the mention...! I love IG! I've met soooooo many ace ppl from all over the world! Catch up soon :)

  2. Such a fun read! Your sneak looks great :) And, thanks for the Info on Guache Academy - I am not too familiar with them.

  3. Just started downloading Pronto. I love the story of the weekend and your Sneak Peek is great! Totally funny what a child sees from a box of Cheerios. Hope some laughs were had by all.

  4. OH MY I love that box of cereal photo! I will be laughing about that all day! Thanks for the heads up on the call also! Love Penny

  5. LOL at the cereal photo, been there done that many many times! Kids are great!

  6. Looks like the Cheerios were lots more fun on the floor!

  7. Thank you for posting about the Gauche Alchemy DT-call. Definitely going to look into it - LOVE GA!

  8. Can't wait to see your full reveal! Loving the cheerio's shot as well...that looks like my nightly scene...only popcorn...on carpet! Thank God the hubs let me get my kirby! lol

  9. LOL! You crack me up with your posts...sneak peek looks too cool, can't wait to see the final!

  10. The cheerios were the bomb!!!! I laughed really hard! I hope that's what you were going for? :)

    Your project looks amazing, can't wait to see the fullness of that soon! Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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