Friday, March 9, 2012

Kick up your heels with Punky Scraps

Hello there!
It's friday and that means it's time for a new Punky Scraps challenge!
Here is this week's photo inspiration challenge:
Roses, skullies and acid green? YES PLEASE!
Earlier this week I wrote in an "About Me" post that I can't wear heels.
I used to think I just "needed to get used to it".
By "it" I mean the wretched sharp Kudzu KNIVES that LEAP up my instep when I try to wear anything over an inch tall.
So like Peter Jackson- I gleefully sport Birkenstock (but not the cargo shorts- I'm not an Auteur).
It's not hip but HIP can go jump in a hot fuming lake of lava and take it's numerous medieval torture devices with it.
But not THOSE (pointing up). I can look at those foreverrrrrr.
And so I came up with this page (in less than 30 minutes- you can TOTALLY tell right???):
Core Impressions paper is the BOMB!!! Chevron embossing!!! This one is a rather sickly shade of mint green but look what happens when you sand it down a bit and shoot it in open shade! LOVE! There is also light beige one which is incredibly beautiful but only comes in the Pink Paislee Core Impressions Pack (linked- click away). Get the pack, say I.
Materials: Core Impressions Pink Paislee paper, Studio Calico exclusive script alphas, Jenni Bowlin flying bird punch, Basic Grey brads, Making Memories metal ampersand (LOOOOVE!!), Martha Stewart doily and multi butterfly punches, Doodlebug chunky glitter in white and white acrylic paint.
That shoe photo makes me sigh with unrequited materialistic love.
I would get them in Canary Yellow and wear them with snazzy dark wash jeans rolled up to show my fabulous calves.
I have awesome calves.
My ankles are fat though.
But lemme be positive. I have awesome calves.
Not a picture of my calves- that would be weird.
That rules is a sticker from the Dear Lizzy Neopolitan collection.
I wish they would include multiples of some of those designs-
they are so beautiful!!!!
I have 12 pairs of shoes in my closet- a very large collection if you saw how big our apartment was.
I wear TWO pairs.
My Birks from April till November 1st.
My Nike street kicks for the horrible months.
Here is how I look. ALWAYS.
ZOMG! I just love them!!!!
The other pairs are all event related and never see the light of day.
I prefer "events" that don't require I wear inflexible shoes- call me crazy.
If I hear one more fashionista declare that comfortable is ugly I will be very indignant.
Comfortable can be awesome.
Just layer the color and try to stay away from the cheap and stretchy stuff.
Enough said on the subject of "fashion".

Can you guess which apartment contains 1 little girl?
The  lobby of fill in the address here. :)
Join us this week over at Punky Scraps- we'd love to see what you come up with.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I agree-the shoes are fabulous but as a BIGFOOT with cankles, I can no longer wear stuff like that either...I tend to stick to ballerina flats (with an insole insert) and Chuck Taylors...I could wear boots all year if it was the layout and I think I may create something for this challenge- Happy Weekend!

  2. yes, heels are not my friend...LOVE your page and the gorgeous soft colors!

  3. 30 minutes?! Are you kidding me? That is awesome! Love that paper and you did a fantastic job on the design!!! Soooo, I'm finally following by email, since I suck at remembering to stop by! I actually forgot about that option. Duh!

  4. You whipped this out in what time?? I'm jealous and amazed! Mmm hmm love me that chevron background and the glitter splatter...gotta go and try that technique!! And I totally agree, comfortable is NOT ugly, pain is:)

  5. I can't believe you put that LO together so quickly! You are fab, girl! Have a great weekend!

  6. Loving those shoes - I'd definitely use them! I'm one of those people who seldom, if ever, use shoes without heels ;)

  7. You're hilarious with your acid green, skullies, roses spiky heel, back killers!! My dd has the same sort of love (for back killers) and I love your take on Hip and where it can go jump in:) Cute little chair photo-sweetness. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old dgd, Faith and she is expecting her little sister's arrival in a few short months. Two sweet dgd's to love!!
    Love your blog:)

  8. good gracious i want those high heels.. sadly, I can't wear them either!!
    LOVEEEEE that layout!!! Gorgeousness!


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