Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To redo or not, that is the question

If you are a frequent reader here you know two things
1. I talk too much. (Sorry)
2. I redo my work all the time.

I redo because I frequently get blank brain syndrome (made that up- Web MD can't help on that one) and have trouble coming up with new concepts but I'm REALLY good at spotting what's wrong with an older page.
So the redo is really an entry point for the next original project.

It's also a way to escape from the "I can't mess this up" loop.
If you frequently find yourself saying "I just have to get this right. I can't let these beautiful materials go to waste!"
Stop. You can always change things around. Use repositionable tape and let go.

Case in point:
Even lighting, more red to add contrast, a heart from the absolutely GORGEOUS  Prima wood veneer
collection and the addition of Jillibean Soup stickers- suddenly the page makes more sense.
You've seen me post this page at least 2 times before but only this time is it good enough to post.
I'm using Gauche Alchemy's Nearly Nekkid Mixed Media Paper Art.
I really liked the Jillibean Soup kraft cardstock alphas but I will admit to being a somewhat lazy scrapper. The amount of effort required to get these to look neat on a page is just too much for me sometimes so I scrawled my journaling in the nearest blank spot and called it a day.

I tried ignoring my mistake but when I hung the page up on my wall recently, I got a daily eyefull of personal scrap sloth and decided the evidence needed to go.

Easy-peasy redo. Ok not so easy- those darned itty bitty stickers
are nearly impossible to pull out their packaging without taking half
the other stickers out too so I use tweezers. EXCRUCIATING!!! But worth it.
Also- commas- I need one. 
Don't ignore the problem. Rise above it.
I'm speaking to myself most of all here.
another long week of no photos- a brief pause on my Project Life album but no worries, I will return for week 9.

What I'm working on RIGHT NOW:
Gauche Alchemy Knick Knack Paddy Whack kit.
I'll let you in on a secret: paint SCARES ME.
So this is killing me!!
Talk about WHAT IF I MESS IT UP? syndrome
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. A beautiful page - love all the layers and there is so much to look at.

  2. wow! i think it is an incredible page to look at!!

  3. I think it looks awesome! So many fabulous details to savour.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. Scrapbooking isn't about perfection. I cringe when I look at my old layouts...but they are tucked away in albums...that I take out once in a while to giggle at.

    P/s: Your word verification is still on!

  4. Beautiful page! I personally never redo a layout because I embrace the fact I cannot be perfect and like to see how I grow. For me it's very interesting to see you are the opposite and would even redo this layout in half a year again if you would find something else you don't like (anymore).
    I must say that the change of the journaling to the alpha letters look great! Well done.

  5. Hello! Firstly - I love the lo - Those layers make me smile from ear to ear!! I always pick up a little idea or two from your wonderful creations!! Secondly - thank u so much for ur lovely comments on my blog - u made my... Week!! And last of all... U don't talk too much at all, lol!!

  6. Great layout!There are so many layers. Gorgeous detail and sweet pic and journaling!

  7. Just love it! You have a way with layering and mixing mediums. Congrats on your feature over at 2peas today!!!

  8. You know, that layout is truly amazing. Well done!

  9. I can't wait to see what your mixed media project becomes. I am totally in love with your layout and I understand completely about sometimes having to trash and idea so that it is perfect. I don't want my scrapbooks to be filled with layouts that are just so-so but rather layouts that are truly me! :)

  10. I love everything about this page! Great job Michelle.

  11. Thats the wonderful thing about this madness, scrappin theres no right or wrong.. I see perfection on this lo. Wouldn't changed a thing :))

  12. It's such a cool page! I adore all the scrumptious layers under the photo!! I'm too slow to redo..just gotta move on to the next page;)

  13. You are so funny. I could probably redo a lot of pages too. This is gorgeous. For all the neutral colors it really pops! Awesome layering!

  14. This has sooo mcuh texture.... and, yep, it was worth the tweezers :P

  15. Awesome page! I don't redo anything unless its a HUGE mistake or something. I just roll with it and know in a couple of years I'll look back and still love it. My son is just getting to the point where he'll pull his first year scrapbook off the shelf and thumb through it. He loves seeing himself as a baby.

  16. Hola Michelle!! Me encanta tu pagina con todas las capas de diferentes materiales se ve Fantasica!!! Por lo general si una pagina no me sale...se pierde porque no trato de hacerla de nuevo, aunque esto me ha sucedido como 4 0 6 veces desde q comenze con este hobby. Eso si pienso mucho los detalles antes de pegar algo y no soy nada de rapida...me tomo mi tiempo. Fabuloso trabajo! Un abrazo!!! :)

  17. Awesome layout! I love everything about it!

  18. Beautiful page, I have redone some pages, but not most of mine, I have too many photo's waiting to be scrapped! LOL Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  19. Lovely page. I agonize over my pages as well. You are MORE than welcome to pin anything on my blog anytime...such a sweet compliment. Thank you!

  20. Beautiful work. I redo my pages too!

  21. It looks great, and I love the way you covered over the journaling with stickers. I think I have the same sticker set and the same problems with it. LOL.

  22. knick knack looking great ;-) Love the kraft and red together. If you want to, and CAN redo, redo I say. x

  23. Fabulous LO! Have a wonderful weekend!


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