Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Daily- getting into the ZONE!!!

So I'm groovin' along the December Daily project- it's been great at keeping me in the spirit of the holiday even though I'm not actually making any Christmas presents (like I said I would).
I have to keep in mind that:
1. This is totally voluntary.
2. I don't have to break literary ground with my journaling or take a splendiferous image every single time.
3. I don't have to work in sequence! Just break the rules.
Day 5and 6- I'm finally using some American Crafts glitter paper I loved but was too thick for punching stars from. The small alphas are from Lily Bee- I should have bought 3 pages of the Memorandum ones! Slowly using up my Studio Calico woodgrain Thickers- I really need to get those from the shop before they sell out forever.
Here's my goal- capture the emotion of each day and be present in the moment. I'm usually the kind of Mom who's like "WHAT? Lola can count to 10? Who taught her THAT????" (The answer is ME- I taught her that- but not on purpose)
Yup- disconnected.
So these days I'm paying more attention- not just reading the book aloud but pointing to the pictures and asking "What's that?" Wouldn't you know it- she has all the answers!
Day 7 & 8- you seen page 7 already. I added page 8 and I'm STILL loving those Ormolu tags!!! The 8 is a 99 cent store yellow kraft paper stencil set I LOVE.
Lola is counting to 20 on her own- it's easy to learn when you have 3 flights of stairs to climb each day.
She also knows the basic colors and has favorite shapes! (red square- blue circle- she's not loving hexagons... YET)
She's finally understood the concept of "me". Now it's all "ME ME MEE!!!" when she wants something or "I'm tired!" when she wants attention.
I'm trying to get her to say "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty" but she just yells "Me CHICKEN!" or "Me JUICE!" at random moments- it makes for some seriously funny pauses while my brain plays catch up.
Love page 11 where I CHEATED and used a photo from day 5. I hated the whole lot of day 11 photos! Also page 12 is blank because I messed up and made 13 first- oops!
Page 13 and journaling envelope. I haven't written anything in the journaling page yet. I want to come up with something meaningful. Page 13 is my reaction to the current meme on real versus manufactured trees.
The other day Dave and I took her to the park. Out of nowhere Lola says "DID YOU SEE THAT?" Nope! We missed whatever it was.
She says "COOL!"
We say "AWESOME!"
Then I try to get funny and say "RADICAL!" and Lola responds with "BITCHIN'!!!"
Dave and I (and half of the park goers that day) all GASP in unison.
Where did she learn to say "bitchin"??? I've never said that- ever! Plus how did she know it goes with awesome and radical???
A mystery!!!
Then it hit me- what happens at Grandma's STAYS at Grandma's. I KNOW Mom has a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! I've seen it!!!
No wonder she's been jumping on the couch so much- she better not try to use my cooking spoons as nunchucks!

Some photos for a Light Challenge over at One Story Down:

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. ooh I LOVE the tiny snowman-in-a-bauble baubles!! WANT!!
    This DD thing is great if you have a kid - really something does happen every day, even if you hate all the photos from that day!
    Great story about lil' Lola's language ;-)
    I'm sure she'll LOVE looking at this album when she's a bit older x

  2. Love the December Daily project, but always watch others from afar...just not ready yet. I'd have to remember to take a pic each day and document it!! Next year will probably be easier with Patryk in school and all. Can't WAIT for that!! I love LOVE that glitter paper page!

    Isn't it amazing how kids are little sponges? I have a habit of saying "damnit" whenever I drop something...and at 16 months, Patryk dropped a toy and what do you think he said...

  3. Miss Lola is a hoot! She's growing up so fast.

  4. Love your December daily pages. I may have to take the plunge next year!

  5. Every page is amazing! I think page 8 is my current fave. Love! And your photos for the light challenge? O-M-G!! Gorgeous! You are so talented, Michelle, truly! Love the bitchin' Lola story! My Jillian was 2 and we were quietly driving along when all of a sudden from the back seat we hear a sing-song-y, "Damn, damn, damn...Daddy says 'Damn.'" A dozen years later and that is our family favorite curse (the whole thing). Haha!

  6. I'm loving your colorful and detailed DD! :)

  7. beautiful album!

    And I love that snowman in an ornament! Too cute!

  8. No doubt about it....your December Daily is BITCHIN' :)

  9. I dearly love that picture of the snowman ornament! Look at you getting all these comments, see people know you are ALL THAT! Awesome daily stuff going on here! Love it all!

  10. Love your December Daily! Love the bright colors and such lovely photos! Amazing!

  11. yay! so glad to see that you're doing a december daily! i cant wait to see the whole thing! :)

  12. gahhh so jealous, Your pages are fantastic I love how inspiring they are!!


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