Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny Sunday! WOO HOOO!

So imagine my great surprise when I get a private message from a very nice member over at Studio Calico willing to send me their 7/11 patterned paper.
YOWZA! That was NOT expected!
No seriously- not expected!
No really- REALLY!
I had no idea you could even send messages via the SC boards!
I am throughly humbled by the kindness and generosity of this gesture.
It's not that I am offered something material- it's that someone is willing to go through the trouble! For me- an open mouthed mama jama!

Miss friendly- I hope you know I will use that return addy on the package to send something awesome right back at you!
I will skulk your SC member profile to see what your fave items are and return something I hope you will like.

I don't take anything I said back but I must acknowledge that scrappers as a rule- are a great bunch of people- generous, kind and open- minded. I'm glad to be part of your world.

Today I will share this:
MATERIALS: Studio Calico exclusive paper, Sassafras Lass flowers, sticker and paper, Prime quilted word, Pink Paislee green banner
A fun simple page I made because I love the series of photos it shows. Also- That's my favorite print  EVER! It's an SC print. Oh the IRONY of it all!!!!

When we were in Salt Lake City we went to the Olympic Pool and had one of the best days ever. I wish NYC had such amazing facilities for kids!!!
Lola was terrified of the water but was willing to give it a go as long as DADDY held her.
I was jealous.
But I got over it.
I'm glad I photographed this because those smiles are the coolest thing I'd seen in a while. Miss Thang rarely smiles at the camera right now- she's utterly annoyed by my need to shoot everything she does.
I guess I'd be irked too.. but it's so FUN!
Being part of this family is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

The word for today is: GRATITUDE.
O! What's this? I'm working on my SOME ODD GIRL FEATURE on October 17th!
Having fun with some of Kristi's amazing digi stamps, matte medium and the app.
MuChOS SmOoChEs!


  1. Life can be so surprising, in a good way!

    These photos are great. And your layout made me smile. Happy Sunday!

  2. I love the prima bit!!! I was going to ask yhou if you sewed over it bu I read your supply LOVE this LO!

  3. Super cute page! So glad someone was sweet and kind and made your day. Just wanna clarify I dont like SC kits but I like their products lol! I do own a few (products not kits). Anyway cant wait to see what you are making. Looks really fun! <3

  4. What a beautiful layout! Those photos of your husband and Lola are precious! Fabulous work Michelle! The layering and dimension in this layout are stellar! TFS!

  5. love the layout!!! those photos are great, too - true happiness captured!

  6. great photo on the slide, and I love those Prima alphas. and I LOVE what you're doing to that LOVE stamp!

  7. Love your layout!!! Your amazing mix of colors, textures and dimension makes me Happy!!! =)

  8. Beautiful design and such sweet photo's!

  9. Hello again - sorry for the delay in getting back to you ... we don't get a lot of 'golden' products here in oz (sad face) so I'm not sure about that brand of moulding paste... maybe the 'light' had something to do with it because mine is a touch thicker than toothpaste (Monte Marte brand). It was only $6 too! I also have another one I like to use which is an Impasto Gel (does the same thing) and is 'Atelier' brand - same thick consistency. I add the acrylic paint to the paste/gel and then spread with a palette knife ... then embed stuff into it... it should def be thicker than what you explained. Let me know if I can provide any other help/info?!?! Don't give up cause it's way fun to play with!

  10. scrappers are good people. i know that for a fact!! i love your layout!! so so fun!

  11. Have you been to my blog lately?


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