Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 days of Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween- What? You can't see the title ? It's on the lower left hand corner. 
At this time, last year, the wonderful link party website Paper Issues was born!

To celebrate, you get an extra 20% off in the Paper Shop!  Use code HAPPY20

It just happens that yours truly started blogging on October 31st last year as well. Angry that my husband had decided to work on a saturday and that the weather was so cold Lola was not able to join the Halloween Parade in Central Park, I declared Halloween over-rated.
Well not this year baby!
This year it's gonna be different!
This year Lola has her Candy Witch costume ready to go and we have tickets to the Museum of Natural History's Halloween party- it will be INSIDE so she'll have some fun.
Fingers crossed. No, triple crossed.
First edition- I  just added a great photo- the layout is.... beyond repair.
This page was made before Lola had a costume last year so I had some crazy black and white photo of weeds on there. I remember being so proud of this "creation". I redid the page for your amusement- yes I am aware it looks like the Micheal's holiday aisle threw up all over the page. Lola likes it- she keeps pointing at the googly eyes.
You're able to see Lola's SLAMMIN' orange and yellow tights here.
Love the layering in the tag.
Bottle with green flower soft- what the heck do you use
Flower Soft for anyway?
Swing by Paper Issues and join the link party fun.  For the next 31 days we will be celebrating Halloween and we hope to see you there!
AWWW! The polka dot pants with the pink hightop skips- I MISS those!!!

MuChoS SmOoChEs!


  1. HAHAHA "Michael's holiday aisle threw up all over the page..." Love you so much for saying that. I think it's great, so much to see...I've always admired those that just can't stop adding to their pages. A busy page, for me, creates interest, and I can spend forEVer just taking it all in. Love your die cut background, and hells yeah on the googly eyes...I never would have thought of using those on a page, but Halloween is the perfect occasion for it!

    Enjoy Halloween this year...even when it's cold (which it always is here in NH) we go, two years ago I swore the grown-ups got frostbite, despite gloves and hat and multiple layers. The girls could barely walk they had so many layers on underneath their costumes! I heart Halloween so very very much (probably because I don't allow them to eat a ton of candy, and I "help" them empty their bags!)

  2. Lola is such a sweetie pie!!! What a fun time you will have at Halloween this year! I remember one year, so cold it was spitting snow, my daughter said
    "Can we go home now?"
    Love all your details on this page!!! Purple, orange, black, green - super Halloween colors!!!! Great tag!


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