Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharing space, an over-share

B Love- a page made just so I use some buttons- at last!
MATERIALS: Crate Paper Restoration woodgrain paper, stickers and die cuts, Crate Random collection journaling card, "love" chippy from Maya Road, American Crafts Zing in mustard, Scrabble piece, rusted iron house and punchinella from Gauche Alchemy, Border stickers by Sassafras for Studio Calico, Ek Success slim edger punch, Basic Grey, My Mind's Eye and Crate Paper buttons.
My apologies for being absent as of late. Since it's been so long since I last wrote I'm compressing several days worth of news into this entry so bear with me- I promise to make you laugh at least once!

I am battling a great scrappy dilemma- the forced work space move. See my husband and I share a work space. When I say "share" I mean I own it utterly but he gets to kick me out for the 5 months he works on projects for architecture school- which I guess is only fair since that's what he bought it for.
I wish I had more of that CUTE little house!!!
That gorgeous mini script word is from Stuff 2 Scrap.
Houndstooth paper from DCWV.
I FINALLY found that EK Success slim border punch! YAY!!
I think this should be a stand alone project.
The table we "share" is a classic tilting Architect's table with a nifty swing arm lamp and a galley in the front for pencils storage. I had to load that sucker up with all my stuff because whatever weight you put in the front has to be counterbalanced in the back or else the table tilts and everything ends up on the floor. I was grooving with my new everything is visible system when BAM! school starts.
So back to the tiny Ikea dining table it is and let me tell you it's been murder on the mojo. The move took 2 entire days and much consternation for Lola who just didn't understand WHY she wasn't allowed to
A. rip everything to shreds
B. dance on the paper I gave her (now lying on the floor and causing Jack Tripper in "Three's Company" type accidents.)

I'm crazy frustrated so I am not writing or going online to see what you are doing. I'm watching movies, over eating and trying to ignore my (unfair) feelings. Not to mention that we are eating off tv trays since we no longer HAVE a "diner" table. And before you say "Michelle don't you have other rooms in that house??" The answer is NO- I live in NYC- there are 2 rooms and have been told we should feel lucky/blessed that it's not the Bronx. Whatever I lived in the Bronx- the apartments are way bigger (because you can't safely LEAVE the house! AHA!... Joke!)

On the upside- I was FORCED to clean up my act and found a whole lot of COOL stash I hadn't seen in months- namely my button bag, my WRMK Sew Easy kit and my Dusty Attic chip board box. WOO HOO! So I'm using them- many for the first time.
This is as "organized" as I get.
True Xoxo Girls (you got whiplash from that transition didn't cha?) is hosting a Blog Hop October 10th and I am SO PROUD of the page I made!!!  We each challenged another member of the team to do a page using specific instructions. Lisa Watson's challenge for me was to use Ingvild Bolme as an inspiration. Ingvild Bolme? She's a SUPER STAR. Cue freak out mode.

So I made a list of favorite things I saw in her work, made sure to incorporate LOTS of my new found stash and here is a sneaky peek:
Recently decided gears are where it's at- LOVE them!
Turquoise Tattered Angels paint- so lovely!
The large roses are from the dollar store.
Now I just have to play catch up with all the projects I've been neglecting as of late. And I need to swing by your blogs and leave some love- it's been kinda quiet around here lately- everyone must be furiously creating- that's a GREAT thing!

ALSO- my first write up is available over at Gauche Alchemy- WHAT? You say? I haven't been talking up my writing for GA? Sorry!
iI's true- I've been neglecting to drive traffic over to my second writing gig.
Here is the link- the article is about my favorite thing- using the ipod Hipstamatic app:

Mine remain safe- are yours??? 
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Glad to hear there's another facing a scrap area dilemma...mine: my girls share a large room and are at each other's throats 24/7...get no sleep....have no privacy. With the oldest turning 12, I figured it's time to separate them (despite my inner "deal with it" selfish self who wants the spare room to herself for crafting), I decided I have to figure out something new for my craft area...just haven't figured it all out yet. :( It will happen though, and I just don't know how I'll deal with not having *my own* space.

    Love that page, I love buttons and also forget to include them every now and then! Great pic of you and your bro as well :)

  2. ... I think you have too much stuff...

    That is all.


  3. Your stash is crazy!! And I swear, no matter how my space grows, there is never enough room!

  4. Love seeing pics of your stash! I love scrapbook stash almost more than chocolate...hmmm! Anyway sorry you got the boot from your scrappy space, but happy you found some buried treasure! Oh, and totally agree with suicial books...I try to keep my teen from watching that crazy show! uggg!!!

  5. Sometimes it's good to have to move! Look at all the fun goodies you unearthed, and I love the LO that was then sparked by your finds.

  6. Yikes! You've gotta lot of stuff! As someone who doesn't have a scrap space at all, I can tell you the value of underbed storage in plastic bins. Amazing what fits under there when you put the bed up on 4" blocks first.


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