Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting to know.. Me

Imagine my surprized scream when I opened up my email while sitting in the hotel lobby in Italy and finding out my all time FAVORITE ARTIST (Keandra of Kreatorville Krafts) had just given me this award:

Let's just say it was LOUD. Fabio, the 20 year old cutie patootie front desk attendant in a wonderfully well fitted suit and skinny tie, immediately came over to ask if everything was ok with the signorina- OOOOPS!  He had already designated me the hotel fruit cake as I had gotten stuck in the elevator the previous morning and started screaming and crying like a maniac till a staff member came and opened the door.
No actual pages yet so more vacation pix for you all.
I'm sorry but stuck in a 4 by 5 foot space with Lola, 7 floors above God's beautiful green earth is NOT my idea of a good time. I scared the crap outta Miss Thang and though Dave was there too, he might as well have been invisible. Sorry Dave but reason and logic will NOT work on me during a perceived dire emergency- consider yourself "on notice". I pounded on the doors and made a general ass of myself as all I COULD THINK ABOUT was plunging 7 floors and dying a long horrible tin canned death.

Positano, Italy
Anyway if you have a thing for young men in figure hugging suits you should visit the Amalfi Coast. There they reign, strutting around on their Vespas and aviator glasses, eye balling everyone who passes by and smirking when you look back. They know perfectly well the figure they cut. I don't know when I became a grandma who saw babies in diapers when I looked their way but Dave took the blinders off by pointing out- "If I were a 13 year old girl I would NEVER leave the Hotel Lobby!"- he's ever the realist. I really wish American boys would STOP the baggy clothes madness and start wearing well fitted clothes- it's been over 15 years already- give it a rest!
Vesuvius climb- best glute work-out EVER!
I any case, I now have to tell you 7 things about myself so here goes:

1. I love cherries. I could eat 4 pounds of them in one sitting- no joke- but now they just make my lips and eyes puffy and my throat itch. I think it's the new insecticides. It's a HUGE loss- cherries were my most favorite fruit.

2. I collect papier-mache and wood masks. I have 10 so far from Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico and Thailand- I would LOVE to get my hands on some Native American and Inuit masks but those are HUGE and very expensive.

3. I enjoy shopping for paper more than using it- but that should be no surprize if you saw my hot mess of a scrap corner. The anxiety caused by using my fave stuff is the main reason- I want to do the materials justice and when you start with perfection in mind you often get stymied.

4. I don't make friends easily. I like people and LOVE listening to their stories but I tend to annoy the heck outta them with my strong opinions and constant talking.

5. Fave spot in NYC? Brooklyn Bridge Park. Fave restaurant? Lanam on 14th street. Not because it's high culinary art but because it's cheap and cheerful and easy to get to.

6. I saw a bicycle rider dead on the street yesterday... I saw myself on the road- that's why the bike has been collecting dust for 2 years now- Lola needs her Momma.

7. I am easily overwhelmed and a fantastic procrastinator. Guess what I should be doing on now? A page for Punky Scraps! What am I doing now? Writing this. Off to the scrap desk to get those assignments in on time!

So there you have it! Me in 30 minutes or less. Thanks to Keandra for this fun post. :)

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. LOL! You crack me up! I can just imagine the little scenario in the elevator. Hahaha! It sounds like you had a blast!! Sux to come back to NY, doesn't it?! Enjoy the rest of your summer girl! xoxo

  2. I'm cracking up at it all! And I don't know, I don't like tight clothes on guys nor do I like the super baggy-u need to pull your damn pants up look either so...but Italian eye candy would be okay with me!


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