Thursday, June 2, 2011

Facebook Happy Mail Project! Join the fun!

Pure FUN is not being had in our household right now.  
Oh OK Lola is having fun. Hello? That's a blessing! 
Is it too much to ask for some actual spring weather OTHER than wind and rain? We went from 50 degrees to 95 and humid as a swamp. 
The soup man says: NO BREAKS FOR YOU! 
My favorite thing today was hearing a Channel 9 newscaster call today "sultry". Uhm...NO, chick!!! Sultry is Eartha Kitt's singing or perhaps Kim Catrall in SItC. 
Today's weather was like walking through a bowl of hot soup WITH sidewalk doggie poop thrown in for good measure.
Anyway I must distract myself from all this. 
I have gotten positive and decided to spread the vibes.
Dawn's post card
MATERIALS: DCWV Mod Retro 8x8 pad,  Martha Stewart multi butterfly punch,
Cosmo Cricket 1934.
I introduce: 
(insert echo effect here).
That's a link to my facebook page- perhaps you want to "friend" me? If not it's ok! You can leave a comment here and I will make you a card too! I love this project!!! WOO HOO!

Jenny's Card
MATERIALS: DCWV MOd Retro (new FAVE!), Fiskars Star Squeeze punch,
Studio G alpha stamp set, Pigma Micron 05 pen in yellow and brown, Mister Huey sunshine
Basically I will make a post card for every friend I have in facebook and try to MAIL the the card. The addresses will NOT be used for anything else. I do not expect return mail but I do hope the happiness is paid forward.

I started small with just my bestest crafty friends and my family. I will give myself till the end of 2011 to finish this. Whatever cards don't get sent will get put in a gallery space (if one will have me)
The point is I need to expand my art horizons, spread the gospel of positivity and GET RID OF MY PAPER STASH
(So I can buy more.)

This made me laugh and feel unbelievably PROUD today- Bronx is in da HOUUUSE!
I'm on Pinterest. I want to pin this poster as I LOVE IT.
It's from Gothamist
I blithely moved on without pinning and now I can't find it! HEEELP!
Ahhh wordless wednesday. Always an unattainable goal.
I leave you with THIS:
Luscious, scrumptious, titillating VINTAGE VELVET ribbon in mustard (!!)
WITH original corrugated protective packaging! !!  !!! !!!!
Can. you. STAND. IT???
 8 bucks a yard but the seller refused to sell to me as she was on her smoking break.
That's NY peeps! HARD CORE!
MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I love this concept of spreading sunshine with your beautiful works of art (a/k/a postcards). If I weren't using all my extra scraps and energy to make cards for Operation Write Home, I would participate myself. Meanwhile, I would love to friend you on FB if I can find you. I love your upbeat personality and your artwork.

    P.S. Please send some rain to South Florida. We're dangerously dry and Mother Nature hasn't figured out that it's hurricane season and time for some of the wet stuff!

  2. sultry? i had to laugh.. LOL. and i love your cards, girl!

  3. haha 'sultry'! gorgeous cards as ever. love the project postcard a week challenge has ground to a halt, but i can sure do the odd one now and again. i loved making them, just had so little time... x


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