Friday, March 4, 2011


Missing: Scrap Mojo
Materials: Woodgrain embossed paper (store brand), We R Memory Keepers Energy stamp (lightbulb), Studio Calico lightbulb & library stamp,  Elle Studio Hadnmade layers Date strip, Glitz Design Mini letters, Studio Calico Home Front Fab Rip, Making Memories Paper Reverie Gems (brad, rose and bling), Sassafras Lass,  Mister Huey- Schoolhouse and cream, Crate Paper and Studio Calico paper borders 
Your Scrapbook Stash Sketch Challenge 2/25/11
I really like how this page turned out. I went in totally blind with no design or subject idea in mind. I put in some of my favorites- embossed woodgrain paper, pink and yellow strips, the Fab-Rip flower and something new: itty bitty micro alphas from Kaiser Craft. Aren't those AWESOME? Found them in my local scrap store- Paper Presentation on 18th street. I've been wanting sticks that size for ages!!! You'll be spotting those in all my pages- guaranteed.

Can you tell I killed my sewing machine while attempting a border on this page? That big clump comes from the spool that goes in the bottom of the machine. I'm still trying to figure out how I loaded it in wrong. I hope Dave can make it work again- I've used it exactly 5 times the 2 years I've had it.

So staying with my theme to keep the page "clean and simple" for this week... My friend Darkpoetess invoked the goddess Coco Channel yesterday when commenting on my habit to throw everything but the kitchen sink at a page- namely how Coco said take one thing off before you leave the house. So looking at this page I would take off....
The numbered sheep. Why is there a numbered sheep there????
She got lost man. Maybe she'll mosey on over to a page about Lola NOT sleeping.

Part of my problem right now is a lack of time for hobbies. Miss Lola is refusing to sleep on her own. She only naps on my chest. Training her has gone out the window- she just cries her head off if I put her in the crib. I even tried waiting her out- I waited an HOUR. She cried for a FULL HOUR rather than sleep!!!   

But she also picked up a cute habit- she drops her food and then looks at me and says UH OOHHH!! I'm getting great arm muscles from all the floor scrubbing I'm doing lately.
I SAID- FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. I adore the page...maybe the sheep is helping to find your mojo? I'm in the same boat with my sewing machine...I know the little screw thingy on the bobbin has to be adjusted, I just have yet to adjust it. I have had mine for almost 2 years and have never used it! I think it is intimidating me or something...

    My kids were all the same way when they were little, and I finally learned with my 3rd to tune out the crying. They all had trouble sleeping on their own, and as hard as it is to let them cry it out, you have to. If you do it everyday at the same time, you'll notice by day 3 or 4 (or, if you are like my 1st child Andraia, a week) that they don't cry as much/at all! This is the hardest thing to do, attempting to send you some virtual patience today...**hugs** K

  2. i love that page! looks SO fun!! and Lola.. Lola... how cute can you be!

  3. The more the merrier, I say! I wanna throw everything on a page. I love this layout...the cloud like quality of the trim across the middle rocks my socks! =)

  4. I was wondering where you have been. Miss seeing your work. I have been through those tough times... why do you think I fell in love with scrapbooking in 2004 and only started in 2010? It's called 'lack of time'. I love the layout and the stitching and I thought that clump was there on purpose. Love your ability to mix colors and it all works so well together. Hope you get some time for YOU to relax and create. Sending you hugs. xo

  5. Unique page!! Turned out great!

  6. love it! LOVE THE SCREAMING OR SINGING CHILD TOO! great page!! great concept!

  7. LOL, your page is SO cute and fun!! love how you layered the strips of papers.. and the photo of your little girl with the subtitle totally made me laugh out lout!! thanks for playing along this week, hope to see more of you at the YSS gallery! xo Danielle


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