Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shameless free product plea! MAYA ROAD

Ok so Maya Road is revealing it's 2011 CHA products on it's blog and giving them away if you comment, post on your blog, post an entry in your fave forum, join their newsletter or FB page. Naturally I'm joining in so I can try to get some SCRUMPTIOUS Kraftalicious MR candy.
This is NO JOKE my 2011 shopping list. TRUST I WILL go broke.
Here are some drool worthy shots:
1. Die cut craft doilies- YO WHAAAA? They read my mind!!!


3. Chipboard!! MADNESS- MUST.HAVE.ALL!
Garden shapes!
Teeny shape cuteness!
Semi-circle banners!
Doily backings!
Suns and rainbows!

4. Star pins! DUUUH! Naturally! MR I love you!

5. Scroll Frame Journaling Tags!!! Just too cute to leave all lonely in the MR warehouse.

There you have it- my shameless plug for MR.

And this WONDERFUL photo from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WHO OWNS THE COPYRIGHT!!!! I'm just letting you see it. Click on the caption- it's a link to their website.

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


  1. Maya Road are producing some yummy stuff lately...I'm not even a chipboard fan, but am LOVING those doilies! Can you imagine them covered in Glimmer Glam? LOL...see, they can do more than just look pretty :) What colours did you get?


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