Friday, January 7, 2011

3 King's Day & St. Valentine's Day in 1 page

Ah love- the very thing you strive for then spend your time questioning once you have it. Stop that! Be happy and present in your love! Speak it to your love object! Celebrate it in true ROCCOCO fashion. I have resolved to do just that in 2011.
Here is another Valentine's Day piece:
NOT generic.
Materials: We R Memory Keepers Gridlock paper, Sassafras Lass My Type (scallop heart), Cosmo Cricket  Tiny Type brown/clear & Paul Bunyan alphas, EK Success Sticko Retro Puffy alphas, Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses alphas, MAya Road Man chip board, EK 2" scallop heart punch, Prima Barcode clear 48mm tape, Hambly Studio pattern rub-ons- brown
Dave is incredibly patient, tolerant and empathic. He's also a true analytical personality so how he's attracted to an Emo nutball like me is a mystery. I'll be yammering away about the latest thing I took as an insult and he'll just look at me like: "Dude...." I frustrate him in my ability to squirrel out implied disses. He ignores most pesky things (me) with Tibetan Monk-like complacency. And unlike cheesy 70's chick flicks- he's perfectly willing to say (and mean) I'm sorry.

Here I used white Mister Huey under Sunshine yellow and THAT happened- see? It' like the 3D glasses effect only it's 2D and invisible to the eye here. I also used a Maya Road man that turned out to be 8 inches long which surprised and delighted me (that's what she said)- sorry.

The heart is an improvisation- the rub on never attached to anything- not the paper, not the tranny I was intending for it- nothing. So I punched it out the sheet and sewed (SPL???) it on. Then I thought- wearing your heart on your sleeve hmmm... David reserves that for only 1 person. Miss Lola. I love the string- hate how crappy the rub-on looks.
New camera keeps Lola from looking down in anti-flash anticipation.
Polaroid- very few film cartridges left- WAAAH!
Lastly, Dave got me a 3 King's Day present! 3 King's Day is celebrated in Spanish speaking countries. On the eve of January 5th, kids put grass under their beds for the camels of the 3 Kings who visited Baby Jesus bringing Myrr, Gold and- sommin' else.  Next morning they get 3 presents, 1 from each king. My parents used to celebrate it along with Christmas when we lived in PR but that stopped abruptly when we moved to NY and they paid NYC rent.  I was SUPPOSED to go with Miss Thing to the Parade in front of El Museo Del Barrio but I forgot- AGAIN. That makes it 10 years in a row I forget to shoot that wonderfully artsy event- SO not cool.

Lola helps. Fuji shoots
Anyway I got a Fuji Instax camera!!!! (They were sold out during Christmas) I mourn MOURN the loss of Polaroid. It's a huge hole in the heart of American coolness- not to mention US jobs.
So awesomely awesome I SQUEALED
 when I opened the package!

But thankfully the Japanese have risen to the challenge and taken the coolness and IMPROVED upon it (figures!) Thus the Fuji Instamatic with credit card sized instant photos in a nicely rectangular shape. Now if they would just put out a square shaped format I would be SO insanely happy! But I guess I'll get an app to do that...

MuChOs SmOoChEs!



  1. You are really onto something girl! This layout totally knocked my socks off as soon as I saw it! What a unique layout. The masking, the stitching, the randomness of it perfection!

    And that gift!!!! Wow! Very exciting! Start clicking away, we can't wait to see what you create from the amazing photos you will be taking! :)

  2. OMGolly! I WANT I WANT!! Must have one of those cameras! And that LO! Cute pic Dave! Love it! :)

    I may know a certain someone who might or might not be getting a box someday soon. heehee

  3. You are too funny girl! And I love our LO - so clever... barcodes and such cool stitching!!

  4. You have seriously awesome style! I love your stitching, color choice, bathroom guy, everything!!

  5. hey. your art, and your writing, really make me stop and pay attention. keep it up! x

  6. Dave is quite The Man. What a wonderful way to start the year.

    And the layout rocks. I love the heart on the sleeve idea. Rubons make me insane sometimes too, but the rubon here looks perfect. Have fun with your new toy!


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