Friday, November 5, 2010

CHoMP!!! My husband is a HAM.

My husband Dave has a great sense of humor- he HAS to. It's a defensive strategy for my morning self. WAAAAY back in 2006 we visited family in Salt Lake City. We got lost trying to find a mountain bike rental and happened upon The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.   YO WHAAAAT??? We simply HAD to go in. Best. idea. ever! 
My Mom works in the Museum of Natural History so I practically grew up in a science museum that takes it's exhibits seriously- it's not "entertainment",  it's HISTORY, it's SCIENCE- note the capital letters. 
TMAL had no such limitations!! They had dino bones you could walk under and touch but, MOST EXCELLENTLY, there was this totally awesome giant prehistoric shark model popping out a corner. 

Pencil Lines Sketch 211

TMAL claims to be the largest Dino Museum in the world. Uhmmm no you aren't!!!  But I'll forgive you for that particular bit of hyperole because you gave me... MEGALODON!!!!!!!!

Approximately 67 FEET in length, MEGALODON (or Big Tooth), is thought to be the largest predatory fish in history.  It fed mainly on large WHALES. GOTTA LOVE SCIENCE! Especially the kind that allows you to build large models and stick 'em onto a wall.

I tried and TRIED to get a good "AHHH!! MEGALODON!!" shot but failed. Dave walks up, strikes a  pose and NAILS IT. I took two shots and fell on the floor laughing. I love that man!

Anyhooo... I'm submitting this page for the Pencil Lines sketch 211 by Rhonda Palazzari- one of my favorite artists. Check out the Pencil Lines website- her page is amazing!!!

Muchos SmOoChEs!

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